Silicon Implants

Breast Implants

  • The round and seamless product range of the silicon implants regular cohesive gel-filled textured mammary implants is available in high and extra high profiles and features the unique textured silicone elastomer barrier shell filled with a soft, mobile and fully cohesive silicone gel.

Tissue Expanders

  • Tissue expansion devices are available in a range of seamless silicone elastomer envelopes of various shapes and sizes. Smooth and textured tissue expansion devices feature an integril fill tube and offer the option of standard or mini sized inflation valve.

Silicon Facial Implants

  • Moderately textured, solid silicone elastomer facial implants are designed to offer the surgeon several options of styles,shapes and sizes required for cosmetic augmentation or reconstruction of the malar, chin and nasal areas of the face following trauma or disease.