2 steps for the perfect liposuction result
  • Post-operative care is at many clinics neglected without reason. Unsuitable
    Compression therapy of the parts can, however, lead to permanent skin unevenness. The company lipoelastic has developed a two-step program of compression therapy, which eliminates any unwanted effects, for the best results and the smoothest post-operative development.

Classic garments :

  • Use immediately after operation
  • Recommended wear for 1-2 weeks
  • Innovation of existing garments collections
  • Enriched with nanoparticles of silver: slow the spread of microbes, speed up the healing process without odor.

Unique garments:

  • Use during the second step of post-operative therapy
  • Recommended wear for 3-6 weeks following the first step
  • Adjustable compression via special three-row hook fastening, enables adjustments of bandages size after swelling subsides
  • Perforated 3D material maintains microclimate
  • High-comfort for long-term wear and putting on