Postoperative care


The medsurg shoe with its famous semi-rigid sole is built around our patented metashank forefoot support that provides more rigid control and better protection after osteotomics. Our breathable, mesh upper conforms to bony abnormalities of the foot and has a reinforced heel counter and padded heel collar to stabilize the rear foot and reduce slippage. Extra-long straps accommodate even the bulkiest dressings. Due to the classification offered in men’s and women’s sizes the shoe fits at best.

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In the APB all purpose boot the same sole technology is used in the proven medsurg post surgical shoe, so that its use a plaster shoe or walking sole in rigid bandages is certainly possible. The new closure technique allows for simple and two-sided application.

The shoe is completely closed and water repellent and keeps dressings and toes warm and dry.

Heel wedge

The heel wedge is clinically proven to off-load pressure by over 26% from the heel by shifting weight to the mid and forefoot to promote faster healing after surgery, trauma or when wounds or ulcerations are present on the heel. The square-toe design offers more space for bandages material. The modified and removable forefoot closure provides better left/right fit. The removable EVA- insole can be modified as needed.


The orthowedge off loading shoe is specifically designed to protect the forefoot by removing most of the pressure from the metatarsal head and digits during the weight-bearing portion of the gait cycle. For modification the insole can be taken out. The patented construction of the wedge obtains as off loading mechanism. The weight is noticeably reduced at the forefoot. Velcro straps make opening easy and allow a comfortable fitting.


The Twin shoe is a matching and height adjusting shoe supplementing our classic product line and used specifically for clinical care support. Transportation costs for driving to the hospital or to the patient ate reduced to a minimum. No more time intensive applying and removing of height adjustments. DARCO Twinshoe warrants a safe and physiologically correct gait.


The TAS toe alignment splint is an effective and inexpensive way of maintaining correct alignment of the toes during the healing process.

A thin elastic metatarsal band reduces slippage and soft toe straps hold the toes in the correct position to maintain alignment following surgery to correct hallux valgus, hammer toes or tailors bunions. May also be used in the treatment of capsulitis plantar to the m.p. joints caused by mild subluxations of the joint.