Off loading and wound care

PegAssist Insole

The Peg Assist insole is built around a multipurpose removable peg insole that effectively off loads the planter aspect of the foot.

Easy removal of individual pegs allows selective off loading and the peg support board keeps the offload area intact.

This insole is constructed of an 18mm combination of plastazote, poron and multi foam to provide the perfect combination of shock absorption and moidability.

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The WCS is recommended for the treatment of open and closed ulcerations and other conditions of the foot in which it is desirables to redistribute weight away from specific areas. The circumferential counter of the shoe forms a deep pocket in the sole to permit the use of a variety of insoles under the ulceration or area of pressure. The insole material is placed below the level of the top of the circumferential counter, providing greater stability for the foot by preventing the layered insoles from shifting within the shoe.

Gentle step

The gentle step shoe is a Medicare approved extra depth shoe designed specifically for the needs of certain patients with diabetes. The upper is constructed of a light weight lycra to provide extra comfort for patients with fore foot deformities or lesions.